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Our aim is to introduce new riders to this exhilarating and challenging off-road sport in a safe environment without the initial expense of buying a motocross bike and all of the safety gear.

Brief Itinerary:

9:00 - Arrive at the MX Tryout Facility in Mildenhall, Suffolk
9:30 - Sign on, collect protective gear and kit up
10:00 - Technical briefing with your instructor
10:15 - Riding begins and grouped sessions continue until 1pm
12:30 - Lunch break for 30mins
13:00 - Riding on track recommences in 15 minute grouped sessions
15:00 - End of day


We require riders to arrive at our facility by no later than 9:30am to allow time for signing on and kitting up in the full protective gear that we supply. At 10:00am we split the groups by age and ability and assign them an instructor. The instructor then takes their group on to the circuit and will begin the technical briefing which covers the aims of the session and introduces the riders to basic controls and riding techniques.

If the rider has previous experience riding a motorcycle, has been to an MX Try Out day or has ridden motocross or off-road before, we recap the controls and riding techniques prior to assessment of their ability. 

Initially, a small oval track will be used for riders to gain confidence on the bike and to learn key motorcycle skills:
  • smooth throttle control and braking
  • correct cornering and body position
  • starting the bike and using the clutch
  • effective gear changing
Once the rider and the instructor feel confident that the basic skills have been covered the rider will move on to a more challenging course with a variety of  turns and obstacles. Instruction is then provided very much on an individual basis with the emphasis on safety and enjoyment.

Further to the initial briefing and development of skills, the day is then run in 15-20minute sessions, allowing each group some time to rest between their riding sessions. 

After a short 30 minute lunch break at 12:30pm-1:00pm, each group will return to the track and continue to hone in their skills and control of the bike with tuition tailored to keep the riders safe as the track surface develops.

Complete beginners focus their attention on being self-sufficient on the motorcycle, from being able to start the machine to changing gear effectively.
The day is then complete at 3:00pm where the rider can head home and enjoy a selection of pictures of their MX Tryout Experience on our Facebook Page posted that evening!

Motocross is a challenging and physically demanding sport and there is no obligation for you to stay for the whole day. We urge you to ride within your own limits and if you feel unable to stay in control of the motorcycle, you are welcome to leave at any time with our full understanding.